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Weekly Tidbits – week of 9/12

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What a great week! 🙂 So sorry I’m so overdue on my Weekly Tidbits posts. Here are a few things that made my week…

Finally got a dining room table! Just need to fix it up a bit since I found it on the side of the road, LOL! Pictures to come on that. Now I’m on the hunt for some fun chairs. Can’t wait to have people over and offer them a place to sit and eat. Lol.

Got to meet baby Nolan at work – such a cutie! And mommy Megan looked great and very happy!

Using my childhood dresser in the bedroom for some extra storage. It’s white so it mathes my skinny white dresser that I used in NYC. Found some knobs at Anthropologie to dress it up a bit since the original drawer pulls were definitely 1990s. I also got a mirror at Home Goods that I’m going to spray paint a fun color to match my winter bed spread whenever I get that. I’m thinking yellow or sea foam green. Will keep you posted on the final decision!

And…I finally got my promotion at work!! 🙂 I’ve known it’s been coming, but was losing patience waiting for it. Now I can explore new positions and make a lateral move.

Trip to the Villa since Shannon was home from FL. Love the Villa and LOVE my family! We laughed so much today!


Weekly Tidbits – week of 8/1

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This week’s weekly tiddy post is gonna be a quick one…what have you guys been up to lately!?!

  • Great kickball games on Tuesday. We had 2 games and won both – the last game was against an intense team called “Angry Pirates” and they definitely were angry. I redeemed myself from my prior week’s performance.
  • Got my new herb pots in the mail – be on the lookout for an upcoming post on my new herb friends.
  • Got 2 new dress options and selected my new dress for my friend’s wedding in September. Both dresses were gorg!  Hope you likey! I picked the first dress option with the taupe shoes (middle pic).
  • Dinner tonight with my “mormon” family – Pastor Vin and Sister Wife Lauren! I love them!

Lots planned for this week, so I’ll be in touch!



Weekly Tidbits – week of 7/25

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This week I’ve decided to change up my Weekly Tidbits post just a little bit. This week, I’ll be following a format from my blog friend Sydney at The Daybook.  Every Thursday is Awkward and Awesome Thursday at The Daybook. This past week was a weird week of sorts – definitely one that qualified as Awkward and Awesome, so I thought this was the perfect way to incorporate Syd’s Awkward and Awesome goodness into my Weekly Tidbits posts, even though it’s not Thursday.  So, here goes…


  • Having one of my new hires be let go after only 2 weeks with the company for a “stupid mistake” on his part.
  • Having a total brain fart moment during our kickball game on Tuesday – so embarrassing! Even worse when most of the team couldn’t look me in the eyes or speak to me. No me gusta!
  • Being told by approximately 12 people (I wasn’t counting or anything) that the dress is picked last weekend for a wedding was not the dress they would have picked. I know I make my own decisions, but when it’s a unanimous vote, you rethink your decision. See below for awesome outcome!


  • The week started off great with the birth of a new “teammate” Nolan James!! My teammate and friend from work and fellow blogger Megan gave birth to a healthy baby boy after a very challenging year…so happy for her! Welcome to the world baby Nolan…
  • Dinner with my two single ladies Susan and Leslie at Padi on Wednesday!
  • Dinner with my two married ladies Lauren and Jenny at Red Fire on Thurdsay – all to see Jenny’s bro Nick play guitar for the crowd! AWESOME! Even little bro Alex joined in…
  • Buying two new awesome dresses for an upcoming wedding – what girl doesn’t love options! Now on to decide which one…Pics of me in both dresses will come later this week…I know the suspense is killing you!
  • Experiencing for the first time Dance Dance Revolution on Saturday night – We had so much fun making fools of ourselves (this might also be classified as Awkward for those of us that can’t dance!)

Here’s to the start of a great week and great month of August…
Love to all!

Weekly Tidbits – week of 7/18

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I can’t believe Sunday night is already here, the weekends are flying by this summer!

Here are the things that made my week:

-Playing kickball with friends. Season 2 started this week – I always love my Tuesday nights because I get to spend them with my friends.  Don’t know what I’ll do with my Tuesday nights after we stop playing. This season, not only do we have some new players on the team, but there aren’t as many of us playing this season, so we get lots of playing time!

-Dinner with lifelong friends on Wednesday at Eclipse. I love that nothing we discuss is off limits!

-Planning my 10 year high school reunion. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years already! At the first planning meeting, I was the only one in attendance from a class in the 2000’s (crazy!). I had a great time meeting other Archmere alums and getting the chance to make our reunion the best it can be. Looking at pics from back then was fun too – can’t believe some of the things I wore! (I even still remember what I wore on the first day of freshman year!)

-Went shopping on Saturday with my “sister wife” Lauren – we both need dresses for our friend Margot’s black tie wedding in September. Best part of our shopping trip was walking out of our dressing rooms in the exact same dress! Hilarious! Shopping trip was a success, so we topped it off with lunch and drinks with her hubby.  I tried on 2 dresses only – the gray one was the winner!

-I watched the movie “Rabbit Hole” – everyone needs to check it out – it was so good! Really makes you think about life.

-Mom and I checked out the HGTV Showhouse Showdown today at the new Darley Green neighborhood in Claymont. Craziness for the TV cameras! While we didn’t stay long enough to get on TV, we did have a good time laughing at all the crazy people standing in the heat.

-We also stopped at a local farm stand for fresh fruits and veggies – slurp!

Here’s to a great last week of July! Love to all!

Weekly Tidbits – week of 7/11

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After my first Weekly Tidbits post last Sunday, I have been so excited to get to this Sunday to share this week’s Weekly Tidbits. These posts are a great outlet for me to document and share all things in my life. So here goes…

-Celebrating mom’s birthday (7/14) with a nice family dinner at Eclipse here in Wilmington. So yummy!

-Receiving great feedback at work always makes for a great day.

-Happy hour at Big Fish Grill with my girls on Friday night – long overdue!

-Getting a visit from Abby – she even stayed overnight at the condo, which was so much fun! Sushi, wine, and chocolate covered pretzels were delicious.  Checking out guys on was hilarious. Super excited for Abby’s (and Mark’s!) move back to NYC – here I come!

Weekly Tidbits

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This is the first of many posts I’m labeling “Weekly Tidbits.” As door13 acts as my journal, these Sunday posts will be my way to document all the cool, weird, fun, awkward moments that occurred during the week.

This week’s Weekly Tidbits: (in random order)

July 4th weekend with the family in Bethany Beach and Jam Session at the Bottle and Cork in Dewey made me very happy.

Four day work week!

Last minute dinner scheduled with a best friend was a welcome surprise. Laughing hysterically throughout dinner at stupid stuff still cracks me up.

Almost stepping on a centepied getting out of bed was GROSS. At 2 inches in size, I had to talk myself through squishing it to death. BLECH!

Dinner with mom and dad on Friday night made me very happy this week. Even though this happens often, this week was extra meaningful as the Casey Anthony trial was the main headline of the week. Makes me appreciate my parents and what they do for me even more.

Finally signing up for – Wink!

Officially switched over to the iPhone this week and L.O.V.E it! Pics to come on here since the iphone camera rocks. Any suggestions on apps I should download?

Following a “Brows 101” lesson online and testing out my grooming skills. Quite pleased with the results, check ’em out below. Haha!