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First Small Step to a New Life

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After four years of owning Condo Leach, I’ve decided to put the condo on the market. It was a pretty easy decision, but still an emotional one. I love being a new homeowner and having a space to call my own.  It’s the perfect place for a young adult(s).  However, for the last few months, I’ve been working to reevaluate what I want to do in both my personal and professional lives. My conclusion for both is a minimalist lifestyle.

While the condo is considered minimal to most people, it’s keeping me located in Delaware and adding to my frustration of being stuck in the small professional world that Delaware has to offer. Outside of Delaware, there’s more opportunity, more creativity, and less judgment.  I’m looking to shed my frustration and start a new adventure.

Researching living options for my new adventure – maybe Airstream living?! We’ll see where I land, but I’m excited for the chapter. Selling the condo is the first small step toward my new life. Here’s to a quick sale!

door13 will continue, just with a new front door.

small step


I’m comin’ back!

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After taking some time to evaluate the the purpose of door13, I’ve decided the purpose is the pure enjoyment of being creative and crafty and making Condo Leach my home (duh).

As a blog fanatic, I want door13 to be just like the blogs that I read religiously everyday. The key difference is that my favorite bloggers have gone through the hard work and hours to now blog as their job.

While the idea of maintaining door13 out of pure enjoyment might seem obvious, I think I got lost in the “what’s the point?” thoughts and just stopped doing what I enjoyed.

So ill be back in the next few days with the new door13! Happy weekend!


Closets Complete

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As I mentioned a few weeks back here, my closets were in desperate need of some TLC. So here’s the finished product, at least for now…now I just need to maintain this.

Master Bedroom Closet:

Lots of editing occurred. I ended donating 2 full giant trash bags to Good Will!

Next up was the guest bedroom closet, which was a bit easier…just needed some placement adjustments. This closet is used for everything outside of clothing, I’ve got decorations and gift bags, my handy tool box, and a bunch of hangers in the Farm Fresh Eggs box.

Guest Bedroom Closet:

How’d I do?!

Up next for organization is shredding lots of documents!

Happy Blue

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I finally got my DIY on this weekend and spray painted the mirror above my dresser in my bedroom. The mirror was a pale green color, which I liked but didn’t love. I hadn’t done anything to it for the longest time because I couldn’t decide on what accent colors I wanted to use in my bedroom. I originally was going to go with yellow and gray, but I couldn’t find the perfect shade of yellow. Picky picky!

All of my bedding has lime green accents in it, so I decided that lime green would be one of the accent colors. To be a bit funky, I finally decided on pale blue as the second accent color – lime green and pale blue…whatdoya think??

So this weekend, I stopped at the hardware store and picked up a small can of pale blue spray paint and got my coloring on!

After I spray painted a nice outline of the mirror on the garage floor at my parent’s house (a reminder of all my hardwork for my parents) and almost died of inhaling the fumes, I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.  The blue is bright and shiny and happy. Does the blue make you happy too?!

Office Update

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I know I still need to show off my recent closet update, that will come later this week…there were a few little things I needed to get before the reveal. In the meantime, I FINALLY got around to hanging my bulletin board and pictures above my desk!

Here’s a pic of the blank wall I’ve been staring at for almost 2 years.

I tried a few months back to hang a bulletin board and didn’t check for studs…needless to say I had perfect “alignment” and hit directly into a stud on the first try.  LOL. That’s what I get for trying to DIY without supervision. If I were using standard nails, I would have drilled right into the stud, but I’ve been using monkey hooks to hang my pictures.  They’re so long that the stud gets in the way. So for the last few months, I’ve had nice holes to look at when sitting at my desk (I didn’t take a pic of my failed attempt due to embarrassment).

This weekend, I finally covered the wrong holes and hung my bulletin board and 2 picture frames and am very pleased with the result. Much better to look at!

I might get around to spray painting the bulletin board another color since i’m not 100% fond of the black border, but it works for now.

Anyone else get around to hanging pictures or updating any rooms??

Jolt for Closet Organization

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Today’s the day I finish organizing (read: cleaning out) my bedroom closets. Needed a jolt to get started…and homemade froth helps too. Mmmmm.



Does it count?

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Does it count as making my bed if I nicely fold the sheet back when I wake up?


No? I didn’t think so.

PS- excuse all the wrinkles.