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I know I still need to show off my recent closet update, that will come later this week…there were a few little things I needed to get before the reveal. In the meantime, I FINALLY got around to hanging my bulletin board and pictures above my desk!

Here’s a pic of the blank wall I’ve been staring at for almost 2 years.

I tried a few months back to hang a bulletin board and didn’t check for studs…needless to say I had perfect “alignment” and hit directly into a stud on the first try.  LOL. That’s what I get for trying to DIY without supervision. If I were using standard nails, I would have drilled right into the stud, but I’ve been using monkey hooks to hang my pictures.  They’re so long that the stud gets in the way. So for the last few months, I’ve had nice holes to look at when sitting at my desk (I didn’t take a pic of my failed attempt due to embarrassment).

This weekend, I finally covered the wrong holes and hung my bulletin board and 2 picture frames and am very pleased with the result. Much better to look at!

I might get around to spray painting the bulletin board another color since i’m not 100% fond of the black border, but it works for now.

Anyone else get around to hanging pictures or updating any rooms??


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