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Getting Organized in 2012

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Now that I’ve been living in the condo for a bit (aka more than a year), it’s time to dig through all my stuff to see what I truly need/use and what would fall under the category of junk. I’ve always been a saver and “pile maker” (it’s genetic – thanks dad), but it’s time to dig through the clutter.

I found some great organizational ideas on Pinterest that helped to motivate my desire to organize my life.  The main focus of my organizational efforts will focus on my closets – mainly the bedroom closets. I’ve decided to change the direction of my hangers to see what I truly use. As I wear things, I will change the position of the hanger (from facing forward to backward) and anything that is not facing backward in 6 months will go to Goodwill.

I’ll also be organizing my dresser drawers and jewelry box, so stay tuned for those updates.

Anyone else cleaning out their closets, homes, garages, life in 2012?!


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  1. Ahh yes! We are converting unused or misused space to space that will benefit us. For example, a kitchen closet that held nothing but junk, is now a pantry closet. We are also gearing up for a huge spring yard sale of all my unwanted clothing. I am also starting a new way to organize the bills and medical receipts, BINDERS. Many more things to come.

    Good luck with organizing… keep us updated.

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