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Weekly Tidbits – week of 7/25

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This week I’ve decided to change up my Weekly Tidbits post just a little bit. This week, I’ll be following a format from my blog friend Sydney at The Daybook.  Every Thursday is Awkward and Awesome Thursday at The Daybook. This past week was a weird week of sorts – definitely one that qualified as Awkward and Awesome, so I thought this was the perfect way to incorporate Syd’s Awkward and Awesome goodness into my Weekly Tidbits posts, even though it’s not Thursday.  So, here goes…


  • Having one of my new hires be let go after only 2 weeks with the company for a “stupid mistake” on his part.
  • Having a total brain fart moment during our kickball game on Tuesday – so embarrassing! Even worse when most of the team couldn’t look me in the eyes or speak to me. No me gusta!
  • Being told by approximately 12 people (I wasn’t counting or anything) that the dress is picked last weekend for a wedding was not the dress they would have picked. I know I make my own decisions, but when it’s a unanimous vote, you rethink your decision. See below for awesome outcome!


  • The week started off great with the birth of a new “teammate” Nolan James!! My teammate and friend from work and fellow blogger Megan gave birth to a healthy baby boy after a very challenging year…so happy for her! Welcome to the world baby Nolan…
  • Dinner with my two single ladies Susan and Leslie at Padi on Wednesday!
  • Dinner with my two married ladies Lauren and Jenny at Red Fire on Thurdsay – all to see Jenny’s bro Nick play guitar for the crowd! AWESOME! Even little bro Alex joined in…
  • Buying two new awesome dresses for an upcoming wedding – what girl doesn’t love options! Now on to decide which one…Pics of me in both dresses will come later this week…I know the suspense is killing you!
  • Experiencing for the first time Dance Dance Revolution on Saturday night – We had so much fun making fools of ourselves (this might also be classified as Awkward for those of us that can’t dance!)

Here’s to the start of a great week and great month of August…
Love to all!


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  1. Thank you for including Nolan in your awesomeness…. 🙂 Interested to hear about that “stupid mistake” on the nh’s behalf. Looks like you are enjoying blogging, so very happy for you!!

  2. Love the pics of my bros! Mazzuca child #6!!!


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