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Weekly Tidbits – week of 7/18

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I can’t believe Sunday night is already here, the weekends are flying by this summer!

Here are the things that made my week:

-Playing kickball with friends. Season 2 started this week – I always love my Tuesday nights because I get to spend them with my friends.  Don’t know what I’ll do with my Tuesday nights after we stop playing. This season, not only do we have some new players on the team, but there aren’t as many of us playing this season, so we get lots of playing time!

-Dinner with lifelong friends on Wednesday at Eclipse. I love that nothing we discuss is off limits!

-Planning my 10 year high school reunion. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years already! At the first planning meeting, I was the only one in attendance from a class in the 2000’s (crazy!). I had a great time meeting other Archmere alums and getting the chance to make our reunion the best it can be. Looking at pics from back then was fun too – can’t believe some of the things I wore! (I even still remember what I wore on the first day of freshman year!)

-Went shopping on Saturday with my “sister wife” Lauren – we both need dresses for our friend Margot’s black tie wedding in September. Best part of our shopping trip was walking out of our dressing rooms in the exact same dress! Hilarious! Shopping trip was a success, so we topped it off with lunch and drinks with her hubby.  I tried on 2 dresses only – the gray one was the winner!

-I watched the movie “Rabbit Hole” – everyone needs to check it out – it was so good! Really makes you think about life.

-Mom and I checked out the HGTV Showhouse Showdown today at the new Darley Green neighborhood in Claymont. Craziness for the TV cameras! While we didn’t stay long enough to get on TV, we did have a good time laughing at all the crazy people standing in the heat.

-We also stopped at a local farm stand for fresh fruits and veggies – slurp!

Here’s to a great last week of July! Love to all!


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  1. Love the choice of the dress, you look fabulous in it!!! Rabbit Hole is a movie I want to check out, so many BLMs have recommended it.


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