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This is the first of many posts I’m labeling “Weekly Tidbits.” As door13 acts as my journal, these Sunday posts will be my way to document all the cool, weird, fun, awkward moments that occurred during the week.

This week’s Weekly Tidbits: (in random order)

July 4th weekend with the family in Bethany Beach and Jam Session at the Bottle and Cork in Dewey made me very happy.

Four day work week!

Last minute dinner scheduled with a best friend was a welcome surprise. Laughing hysterically throughout dinner at stupid stuff still cracks me up.

Almost stepping on a centepied getting out of bed was GROSS. At 2 inches in size, I had to talk myself through squishing it to death. BLECH!

Dinner with mom and dad on Friday night made me very happy this week. Even though this happens often, this week was extra meaningful as the Casey Anthony trial was the main headline of the week. Makes me appreciate my parents and what they do for me even more.

Finally signing up for – Wink!

Officially switched over to the iPhone this week and L.O.V.E it! Pics to come on here since the iphone camera rocks. Any suggestions on apps I should download?

Following a “Brows 101” lesson online and testing out my grooming skills. Quite pleased with the results, check ’em out below. Haha!



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