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Condo Leach Wish List

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I know I said that door13 is my “blogita” and that I will love it completely, but there is something else that also has a piece of my heart – Condo Leach.  I have been a homeowner for about a year and a half now, but I’ve only lived here for about eight months.  Before moving in, there were MANY updates made to the condo (thanks mom and dad!).  Since moving in, decorating and furnishing Condo Leach has slowed, even though I am obsessed (slightly) with all things home improvement related.  I’m even hangin’ with some new homies who enjoy home improvement as much as me!

Here is my wish list to making the condo everything that I want it to be. I will update everyone as I cross things off my wish list. I’m thinking some closet doors might be in store for the month of July…stay tuned!


Entry Table to store mail, keys, purse. Purchase lamp to go on table.

Install bi-fold doors for laundry closet and hall closet. Paint and prime doors.

Living Room:

Coffee Table – round, glass?


3 floating shelves to hang on wall next to magazine artwork

Re-upholster 2 chairs

Purchase Crate & Barrel dining table

Hang artwork

Purchase mirror for above fireplace

Decide on curtains for deck doors


Back splash

Guest Bedroom/Office:

Organize Walk-in Closet. Purchase additional shelving if needed and filing cabinet.

Hang artwork

Fix curtains.

Purchase and paint door for closet

Master Bedroom:

Purchase dresser, vintage mirror for above dresser.

Hang canvas artwork over bed.

Purchase and paint bi-fold door for closet


Hang artwork

PS – Hope you like the new layout of the blog. I thought it would be easier to read and follow. I’ll spice things up soon with some pics!

PPS – Happy 4th of July!


The Making of door13

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door13 is my “blogita” (baby blog) as I don’t have a real baby or fur baby and won’t be getting either any time soon! I will love it completely.

I can’t wait to dig deeper into blog-making – this will be an ever-changing creative process! A constant process of tweaking and updating.  I’ve started with a simple WordPress template and will go from there. I hope you’ll join me along the creative process…

Stay tuned and share your feedback as we progress…

Rollin’ with the Homies…

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I’m borrowing from the 90’s classic movie, Clueless, for today’s post title.  My homies are my favorite websites and blogs that I follow on a daily basis.  They are my bffs in blog world. I couldn’t live without them.  Check out my Blog Roll to see who I’m rollin’ with these days…