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Monthly Archives: May 2011

What’s Behind Door13?

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Well I’ve officially taken the plunge and started my very own blog, Door13. What’s in the name Door13? 13 is the number of my condo, affectionately known as Condo Leach.  While the number 13 is usually not associated with good things, for me, Door13 represents all things good in my life – freedom to make my own choices, gain new life skills (decorating, cleaning, financial, etc), learn how to cook (beyond the standard spaghetti dinner and microwave meals), show the walls my killer dancing skills, etc.

In addition, Door13 is where I can journal and think through my thoughts, share ideas, document cool happenings in my life, etc.  Door13 will also be my motivation to conquer my bucket list – eg. master photography, become fluent in Spanish, make my home all that I imagine it will be, etc.  I guess the first thing to cross off my bucket list is starting a blog…so here goes…Time to find out what’s behind Door13!